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If you are looking for a relaxing vacation then look no further than South Cornwall. But make no mistake! There are plenty of activities to take part in, besides soaking in the beauty of the nature. In this regard South Cornwall is an amazing place for a holiday for couples, families and groups of friends.

Like many other tourist havens, South Cornwall is packed with a variety of lodging options for holiday-makers. This includes, but is not limited to, luxury hotels, holiday homes, rustic houses, self–catering properties and cottages. Since you have opted for a holiday that is sure to offer you a very different kind of touring experience why not choose your accommodation with the same spirit? Check out the facilities that Cornish Cottages do offer for you before booking just another hotel room.

Charlestown Harbour cottages in South Cornwall

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South Cornwall Cottages are Perfect for Holidays

  • Do not be deceived by the term ‘cottage’ for many of South Cornwall’s posh hotels are nothing but beautifully decorated cottages.
  • Holiday cottages are often located in stunningly beautiful locations. Some of these are heritage houses and have their own landscaped gardens. Others, particularly those located in small hamlets, would guarantee unparalleled views right from the patio of your temporary residence.
  • Living in a cottage, self–serviced or otherwise, during vacations keeps the budget in check. This is particularly true if you are travelling in a large company.
  • Whether travelling with family or solo privacy and security are important for everyone. The holiday lettings would not disappoint you in these regards.
  • Living in a barn conversion on vacation is an experience in itself. The rural locations would provide wealth of education to the city bred travellers.
  • The cottages are not short on state-of-the-art equipments. The kitchens of the self–catering cottages generally come fitted with latest appliances.
  • Even if living on a budget staying in these cottages do not compromise on the hygiene factor.
  • Slightly costlier accommodations offer additional facilities like usage of swimming pool, games room, barbecue etc.
  • The main attractions, particularly the beaches, are located minutes away from many of these cottages.
  • In many of the cases certain requirements, like making arrangement for tourists with special needs, are taken care of with prior intimation.

Attractions & Activities in South Cornwall

Once you are comfortably settled in your holiday cottage you will certainly like knowing more about the most interesting places of South Cornwall.

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